The Olympic Mathematical Marathon. Volumul 1

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The Olympic Mathematical Marathon. Volumul 1

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Autori:George Apostolopoulos; Daniel Sitaru


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Apostolopoulos, George

George Apostolopoulos was born in Messolonghi - Greece at 23 January 1949. He graduated the University of Ioannina. He is member of “The Mathematical Society of Greece” and member of the tender committee. He is also member of “The Mathematical Society” of USA, Canada and Romania as well. He has published proposed mathematical problems and mathematical solutions through the scientific magazines of the “Mathematical Society” of USA and Canada. There are more than 400 references to his name in mathematical problem-solving situations in famous magazines from whole world such as “American Mathematical Monthly”, “College Mathematical Journal”, “Mathematics Magazine”, “Crux Mathematicorum”. In 2009, he participated as an observer in the World Olympiad which was held in Germany, Breme and in 2010 in the Balkan Olympiad Juniors in Romania. In 2013, he participated as second-in-command at the Balkan Olympiad in Cyprus and in 2014 also as second-in-command at the Balkan Olympiad Juniors held in Ohrida. His book “Beauty of proving” was very appreciated in whole world and it was a best-seller in mathematical world.

Sitaru, Daniel

Nascut pe 9 August 1963 in Craiova, este profesor la Colegiul National Economic "Theodor Costescu" in Drobeta Turnu-Severin. A publicat 33 de carti de matematica, ultimele doua , "Math Phenomenon" si "Algebraic Phenomenon", sunt foarte apreciate in toata lumea. Este editor fondator al "Romanian Mathematical Magazine", o Revista Interactiva de Matematica cu 3.200.000 visitors in 2017 ( Multe problem din cartile sale au fost publicate in reviste cunoscute ca "American Mathematical Monthly", "Crux Mathematicorum", "Math Problems Journal", "The Pentagon Journal", "La Gaceta de la RSME", "SSMA Magazine". A publicat de asemenea un numer impresionant de probleme originale in toate revistele matematice din Romania (GMB, Cardinal, Elipsa, Argument, Recreații Matematice). Articolele sale din "Crux Mathematicorum" si "The Pentagon Journal" au fost foarte apreciate.